Mine Rescue Team Members Receive SIMCO President’s Life Saving Award

Members of our Mine Rescue Team recently put their life-saving skills into action, possibly saving a young woman’s life, as they were returning from a mine rescue competition in Ruidoso.

While the team was returning to Carlsbad last month, they witnessed a severe automobile accident that involved a young woman who was ejected from a vehicle after it hit a rock wall. Mine rescue team members Fabian Muñoz, Misty Long, Matt Ridgway, Terry Grube, and Mark Long immediately sprang into action. They were joined by members of the Intrepid mine rescue team — also returning from the competition.

Without hesitation, they grabbed first aid supplies from their mine rescue trailer and used the first responder training that they routinely practice and test.

“I want to commend the quick thinking and actions exhibited by our WIPP Mine Rescue Team and individuals from the Mosaic Mine Rescue Team,” said Ken Harrawood, SIMCO program manager. “These men and women train extensively to respond in the event we have an emergency in the WIPP underground. It just so happened they were in the right place at the right time to provide medical attention to this young lady.”

Thanks to the training they received, the mine rescue team members were able to use the first aid supplies effectively. They knew exactly what supplies were needed and how to use them properly, which allowed them to provide the necessary first aid quickly and efficiently. Their quick thinking and decisive actions likely saved the young woman’s life.

The young woman was airlifted to a Lubbock, Texas, hospital and survived.

Ken presented each team member with a SIMCO President’s Life Saving Award to commend them for their bravery, their quick thinking, and the vital role they play in their community.

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