Community Commitment

Our Commitment

The Salado Isolation Mining Contractors, LLC (SIMCO) team pledges to build trusted relationships with regional leaders and citizens through outstanding performance, honest and transparent communication, and active engagement with the community. 

I commit that my team will build upon established partnerships with officials and organizations to help address issues and realize opportunities in the City of Carlsbad, the region, and beyond. We promise to position the city and its surrounding communities to continue to build upon their successes and thrive far into the future. 

As a large local employer, I will ensure we cultivate a culture of contributing time, expertise, and funds for the benefit of educational outreach, local economic development, and other community support throughout Eddy and Lea Counties. 

This is a personal commitment that I make to you on behalf of the SIMCO team. 

Ken Harrawood 
President and Program Manager, Salado Isolation Mining Contractors 

2023 Community Commitment Plan



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