Education Outreach

SIMCO educational outreach programs will encourage, promote and coordinate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education, along with a broader focus on expanding polytechnic and postsecondary education in the region. These initiatives will support workforce development to advance WIPP site operations, mining capabilities, regional economic growth and future DOE work in the region and beyond.



Looking for STEM Experts? Classroom Demonstrations? STEM Night Presentations? Science Fair Judges? Mentors? Career Presentations?

Education Outreach Programs at Salado Isolation Mining Contractors invites you to complete this form to request SIMCO volunteers. Volunteers explain STEM concepts, conduct STEM demonstrations, mentor, judge and offer career information for teachers and students to bring science to life in K-12 classrooms. Engagement with the education community is intended to spark an interest in STEM fields with emphasis on DOE mission critical skills and careers. Volunteers in the classroom partner with educators to build a pipeline of college/career ready students who graduate with the technical skills necessary to support a capable workforce.